Sustainability policy

At Chalten Suites Hotel we are aware of the immeasurable environment that Los Glaciares Zona Norte National Park offers us and the importance of the environment for El Chaltén as a tourist destination. Our fundamental objective is to offer the best quality facilities and services with the least possible socio-environmental impact and with the commitment to comply with the legal and voluntary requirements that we propose.

For this we publicly commit ourselves to be an example in the fulfillment of the principles of Sustainable Development, in accordance with the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism +20, being pioneers in the locality in the implementation of an integrated management system in order to to ensure continuous improvement in the field of environmental management, quality and tourism responsibility in general.


Greener hotels

The Greenest Hotels Ecolabel is the distinctive that recognizes and certifies those Argentine hotels that demonstrate sustainable management, respectful of the environment environment and socially responsible with the community and with the tourist destination in the that carry out their activity. We are the only hotel in El Chaltén with certification of sustainability and one of the 24 establishments in the country with the Silver Level Label. The Greener Hotels Program is the result of the work of the Hotel Association of Tourism of the Argentine Republic (AHT), is validated by the Institute Argentine Standardization and Certification (IRAM), and recognized by the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation. Internationally, it has been recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), placing itself at the level of the most prestigious sustainable tourism certification in the world The implementation of sustainable practices is the transversal axis for Chalten Suites and driver of the venture. We fervently believe, and even more so in the context world in which we live, that sustainability can no longer be a trend but a necessity that must be brought to the plane of reality.To enjoy destiny and the immeasurable resources that El Chaltén and the Park have National Los Glaciares we see as a priority to embrace the concept of development sustainable and entrust our efforts to work for it. For all this, we invite you, both guests and collaborators to be participants assets. How? We share our sustainability policies and the Decalogue of the Sustainable Tourist for when they visit us.

Guiding principles

Promote the sustainable development of our tourist destination. Encourage the training and awareness of our team, suppliers, guests and fellow citizens. Improve environmental performance and sustainability through innovation and the use of eco-efficient tools, prioritizing rationalization consumption, measurement and continuous improvement. Reduce the generation of waste and encourage their respectful management. Promote the maximum implementation of energies

Philosophy and values

Excellence and vocation in service. Respect and cordiality. Efficiency. Commitment. Continuous improvement. Innovation. Leadership. Motivation. Teamwork. Ethics professional. Sustainability Social and environmental responsibility. Solidarity.