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A long time ago, the Patagonian Andes crossed our paths accidentally: he was the guide of an Italian expedition which was going to climb the Cerro Torre, I was still a pilot by that time. Low height, full head of white hair and practically circular boots as an evidence of a freezing he suffered in the Aconcagua, Cesarino stood out for his face tanned by the wind of who knows how many mountains of the world, and for his eyes, which reflected his generous, quiet, happy and curious spirit. Dueño de una simpatía única, sus descripciones de la montaña, de la vida y de sus aventuras se fundían en una gran sonrisa. Il pilastro del cielo" repeated him as he looked up into a diaphanous sky, right next to the imposing Cerro Torre, which bound him forever to our Patagonia.

Cesarino Restaurant wants only to pay homage to that mountain lover: Arrivederci Cesarino!

At any time!

Cheese and cold cuts platter

Criollo, flavored cheese, smoked, brie, blue, pepato, Prosciutto, raw ham, bondiola, Smoked Pork Loin Ham, fine herbs pork loin ham, Spianatta, olives, pickles, peanut accompanied with homemade bread.

Small Pizza

Muzzarella with Prosciutto and Sweet Pepper. Napolitana. Muzzarella and Bacon


Seasonal salad


Beef empanada with Guacamole sauce.


Sopa de verduras y croutones de ajo // Sopa crema de papa y puerro

Main Courses


Ribeye steak


Chicken Breast

Salmon fillet

Beef Milanese

Main Courses

Side Dishes

Seasonal salad

Mashed potatoe or mashed pumpkin

French fries

Vegetable Wok

Creamy Rice Timbale

Patagonian Stew

Lentils stew with beef, chorizo and bacon.

Main Courses


Homemade egg pasta

Prosciutto, cheese and nuts Sorrentinos

Spinach, ricota and almonds Ravioli


Fileto / Cream. Bolognesa. Blue cheese


Cesarino Glass

Anana, Meringue, Red fruits and Ice cream

Homemade flan

Anana, Meringue, Red fruits and Ice cream

Warm fruits with ice-cream

To share

Fresh fruits salad

Fresh fruits